Thursday, September 2, 2010

Monday: Fun Day at Sea

Monday morning we awoke to enjoy our fun day at sea.  The kids and I allowed Greg to sleep in while we went to the Unicorn Cafe for breakfast.  The Unicorn Cafe is where we ate breakfast and lunch each day while on the ship.  There was every kind of food imaginable to eat buffet style.   Breakfast was a variety of breakfast food from omelets and scrambled eggs to pancakes, hash browns, fruit, cereal, oatmeal.  For lunch they had a deli, rotisserie with roast beef, chicken, ham and even lamb one day.  They had a pizza bar (open 24 hours), Chinese, American (burgers, hot dogs, fries), Italian (lasagna, spaghetti), fruit bar, Mexican and then dessert bar (24 hour ice cream).  You could come and go as you please and eat as much as you like.

After breakfast I decided to grab chairs around the pool before they were all taken.  Shortly later Greg joined me.  The kids had made some friends the night before at the teen club so they headed off to meet up with them.

Here are some pictures taken of inside the ship.  Some were taken our first day on the ship and some were taken during our day at sea.
The Teen Club O2

It was empty because it had not opened for the day yet...

The gym

Hot tub in the gym.


There were semi naked pictures in all the elevators... almost every time we got on one we would say "don't look Leslie" or "don't look Nick" depending on if it were man or woman.  The kids didn't think we were funny.

The enchanted forest.  This was a hall way that looked like trees were growing on either side of it.  You could sit at cute little tables and look out onto the ocean.  This was one of my favorite places on the ship.

This is what the elevator lobby area on each floor looked like.

Another semi naked picture in an elevator.

The Unicorn Cafe

View from our table during lunch.

This was the center of the Unicorn Cafe where you could get your beverages.


Teen game room...

Hallway outside of the teen club O2 with the gym at the end of the hallway.

The theater...

Stairway outside of the theater..

Our cruise director  and one of the entertainment staff.

This is Amy, she was part of the entertainment staff as well and she was 6'4.

A Piano Bar called Bar Louie's

the chapel.. we didn't go in to take pictures because we thought if someone were in there it would be very proper to have photos of them in the chapel.

The Library

Rodeo Drive where all the shops were located.

A photographer walked around the ship during dinner and took pictures of everyone all dressed up as well as took pictures at each port.  They would print the pictures in a nice 5x7 format and display them each night before dinner.  We walked around and looked at all the pictures each night.  If they were not 10.00 a piece we may have bought a few more.  We only bought 2, but they were good pictures.

This was center ship where the glass elevators were located.

Satchmo's, a Karaoke bar.. this was a fun place to sit and watch people sing.  Many were very good.  Leslie's friend talked her into singing with him on our last night and just when she had enough courage to go up to put their names in they were told they had enough singers for the evening.  She was super relieved.  We were not allowed to watch even if she did get to sing.

Truffles is the name of the restaurant where we ate every night.

Another lounging area on the ship.  Often we would see people sitting here reading or playing cards.

The Firebird Lounge... we never made it to this lounge when things were happening so we stopped in when it was closed to take some pictures.

Medusa's Lair...
This was a really cool dance club with really cool decorations. 

Snake table..

I believe this is my favorite staircase...

Greg and I headed back to the room after sitting around the pool and taking pictures.  The ship had a way of rocking us to sleep so we enjoyed a small nap before dinner each night.  We would watch TV for a bit and fall asleep for 30 minutes or so before getting ready for dinner.  We were in the room watching TV when the kids came back and said "How many fun days at sea do we have?"  Greg and I laughed because although the ship did a great job planning many activities a person could only do so much while on the ship.  The kids were looking forward to our excursions and getting off the ship.

That night dinner was one of our formal dress nights.  We attended the Captain's Celebration before dinner where the captain and his crew were available for a meet and greet. 

Dinner was amazing

and so was dessert...

We had the BEST time with our waiters.  They would dance every night for us and it was so much fun to watch.  They pulled Nick up to dance with them too.

After dinner the kids left to meet up with friends while Greg and I attended the evening show.  I LOVE shows and I LOVE the theater so I was in heaven watching the shows every night.  I think Greg went with me to be nice but it wasn't his favorite thing to do.  After the show we attended the adult comedy hour which was pretty funny. 

Everyone was back together in the room by 1:00am to get a good nights sleep for our first excursion in the morning.  We were excited to snorkel and swim with Sting Rays in the Grand Cayman Islands.

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