Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break???

Not so much.... our spring break flew by us at the speed of light and it didn't feel much like a break. I am now scared for summer to come. I want summer to ccccreeeeeeeeeeeeep by us.

We stayed home for spring break, we don't feel the need to pack up and head out in the spring. But summer is a different story... if we do not get our family vacation where the 4 of us can get a way and enjoy the time together than we feel terribly deprived.

Leslie did have the opportunity to get away with friends on a back packing trip for 3 days. They had a great time. They drove to Germantown Metro Park and backpacked their way into the park a few miles and set up camp. They had all their food, clothing and shelter in their backpacks as they hiked. Once camp was set up they spent the rest of their time hiking 10 mile hikes throughout the day. Their last night there it stormed and the tent Leslie was sleeping in was flooded. All 8 of them ended up in a 3 man tent that evening and no one got a wink of sleep. She arrived home exhausted but glad she went because she had a great time. (Adults went with them by the way in case you were wondering) :)

Nick stayed home and we had fun running around together. We had lunch with dad one day, went rollerskating with friends, (Les went too) went bowling (which we both decided we should never join a bowling league, we really stink), and then Nick had an "all nighter" with friends. He invited 2 of his good buddies over to spend the night. We visited the grocery before they arrived and bought 3 two liters of Mountain Dew (apparently this is a must for an all nighter) 3 bags of Doritos, 3 boxes of fruit snacks, 3 boxes of donuts, 2 pizzas and some chips and cheese for nachos. ( Greg's joke: Do you know why this cheese is mine???? wait for it....... wait for it...... because it's nachos.... get it??? Not yours??? ha ha) The boys had a great time and none of them got a wink of sleep either..... Nick finally went to bed at 3:30pm and did not wake up until 11:00am the next day. 19 hours of sleep..... crazy stuff.

We now are in count down mode around our house.... we have 8 more Mondays.... 9 more Tuesdays....9 more Wednesdays...etc until school is out. It is a bitter sweet time because unfortunately Greg doesn't get to take the summer off work and it makes me sad. I struggle taking the kids to the pool all day long while Greg is at work. We wouldn't have anything it were not for his hard work and yet he doesn't get to enjoy it... doesn't seem fair.

That is why we make vacation EXTRA special. That is when we get "vacation daddy" as the kids call him. No worries daddy and everything is laid back and fun..... not that Greg is a fuddy duddy (or daddy... ha ha) when we are not on vacation (because those of you who know him know this to be the furthest from the truth), but something about going on vacation brings out the "I don't care what we are doing we are going to have a blast" in a person. I will share later about what we are doing on vacation this year.

For those of you who have already had your spring break... hope it was great.. and for those who have not yet had yours...... hope it goes a lot slower than ours. :)

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