Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wednesday: Part 2 Dinner Party

After returning from our excursion, we all showered and dressed for the evening.  Les, Greg and I attended the evening show before dinner.  It was a gentleman who was a semi-finalist on the show Americas Got Talent.  He was very funny and very talented.  He did a mixture of juggling, riding on a unicycle, throwing knives and other physical comedy acts.  He was more than entertaining.

After the show we met up with Nick for dinner.  Dinner again was amazing.  We began to look forward to our time spent with our waiters more than the dinner itself... well, almost.  It was fun to order all the different types of food and never have a bill brought to us at the end of the evening.

 Carrot spirals...

Our Matradee stood on the tables and sang  each night for us...


Our waiters were hilarious.... this was my favorite dance of the cruise.

After dinner the kids met up with their friends and Greg and I set out to look for something fun to do.  We joined the Red and Blue team party already in progress in Medussa's Lair.  We learned a few fun dance moves such as the lawn mower, sprinkler, grocery cart etc... it was fun and they played good music.  THEN we were directed over to Satches Lounge for another dance session and it was not at all like the one prior.  It was ridiculously cheesy.  Greg sat down almost immediately, I tried to stick it out as long as I could but it wasn't for too much longer. Our cruise director is from England... I don't understand British humor and I don't find it funny... hence the lack of humor with this song.   Little did we know the kids were in the back of the karaoke lounge with their friends watching us and making fun of us the entire time.... (rotten kids) :)  (this was a lounge, but it was family friendly until after 11:00, we were not allowing  our kids to hangout in a bar)

From Satches Lounge we marched out to the Lido Deck chanting our team's chant as we passed the other team.  Little did we know there was a dance party awaiting.

Between the two of us (Greg and I)  I am the dancer in our marriage.  If there is music, I am moving and I typically am not picky about the type of music. My options were to stand next to my husband (who was the only other person out of thousands that I knew on the ship) and watch the party, or walk into a group of strangers and get my groove on.  As much as I wanted to join in, I knew my dance partner, Leslie, was on crutches so I decided to record all the fun.  Greg offered to dance with me like the good husband he is, but there was no way I was going to ask that of him.  Besides, I wouldn't have captured all the fun otherwise.....

The evening ended with Greg and I snuggled into a movie in our room awaiting our kids return from their fun night with friends.  We found out later they spent HOURS playing spin the cup...( no it is not a version of spin the bottle).  There were multicolored, plastic tumblers available for tea, juice, milk and water and the kids created a game with them.  They would place the cup on its side, spin it and if it stood on its end then you won.

Its a great feeling as a parent to know you can spend hundreds of dollars for your kids to go on a cruise to find them having so much fun with a plastic tumbler.

They also played elevator tag and hung out eating ice cream and pizza.

Here are some of their friends they met on the ship...

Spencer and Sam

Sam at dinner

 brother and sister

Another great day!  Next.... Isle of Rotan... more fun ahead.  It is sad it has taken me over 5 months to complete our vacation blog.  I am a sad, sad blogger.